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UPDATE 14/03/2011:  Fairly standard response received, rather boring. 

I did get a particularly angry-sounding voicemail from a lady perportedly from Teejay Yoos, asking that I call her back.  I presume she is a manager from the Sheffield branch – but unfortunately management training didn’t extend to that point about leaving a phone number on your voicemail message, so I haven’t been able to give her said tinkle.  Rather disturbingly, she had unearthed my ex-directory home phone number from somewhere – Maybe TJs people have mafia contacts!?  I’m expecting to get whacked any day now.

Angry Lady From TJH, please give me another call as I’d love to have that discussion!

Written response:


UPDATE 19/08/2011:  So the creditors of Teejay Yoos stand to lose something like £350 million now that the company has gone into administration

Am I surprised?  Not when they produce garments of such unconventional shapes and sizes (i.e. neck holes too small for even the average bonce) and staff their stores exclusively with mournful emo teenagers or steamrolling ladies of middle age and decidedly staunch approaches to customer service…

I SAW THIS COMING!  Although my testes did not forsee the acute agony caused by many of the undersized undercrackers that came in my ‘medium’ pack, so I am not sympathetic to Teejays.

Maybe I brought this about!?  Maybe my millions of viewers rallied against them?

Or maybe Hutson Harbour should make a shirt that doesn’t shrivel to a worn-through cardboard-looking shitrag and charge a tenner for it? 

— db