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Give me your idea, I’ll write it for you


Continuing my promise to write a story for anyone who requests it—

 Philip J Mason has commissioned “a tale about a psychic horse”.

Well Phil, you asked for it … You got it.

Click here to open Black Thunder, The Psychic Horse (pdf).  You may want to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader and view at 100% for best reading.  This can also be downloaded to your e-book.




How would you like to suggest a short story and have it written for you?

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, but I don’t have too long before I embark on a 7-month journey across India and the Far East.

Not enough time to write a novel;  I’ve 20-odd books I want to read before I go; and I don’t have any short story ideas developed enough to work on.

This presents an opportunity.

How about you tell me what you’d like to read, and I’ll write it for you?  Your story, for your entertainment to keep and to love.  For example:

  • Hey David, write me a story about a poltergeist!
  • Hey David, write me a story set in ancient Japan!
  • Hey David, write me a story about Christopher Nolan’s Batman!
  • Hey David, write me a story about a brother and sister on Mars!
  • Hey David, write me a story in the style of my favourite author!
  • Hey David, write me a James Bond story!
  • Hey David, write me a new ending to film such-and-such!
  • Hey David, write me a story set in the world of such-and-such book series!

As you can see, I’m not fussy about what it is.  I don’t mind what I’m writing, as this is just to hone my flabby writing skills and to pass the time – in six weeks I’ll be unemployed.  It could be a fanfic or a vignette or a bit of fun.   I’ll write it and dedicate it to you.  Call it a little present from me!

Why not leave a message on this blog, or send me an e-mail at spinninglizard [at]  If you’re with me on Facebook or Twitter get in touch that way.

I’ll post the finished story on here with a dedication to you and a bit of background on any research I might have done.

Just don’t  get pissy if I say “that’s a dumb idea” or the story comes out different to what you expected, or if I can’t be bothered to sit through 200 episodes of your favourite anime to write your fanfic.  I don’t want to write your story about gay vampires, or anything that I’ve written before – see or search the categories of this blog.

But anything else, I’m game.  This is an open invitation for the next 6-8 weeks and I’ll try to get as many done as I can, generally on a first-come first-served basis unless something really catches my attention.  I’d love to put out a good dozen before I leave for foreign climes.

Thanks in advance!

Your friendly neighbourhood charity-writer,