Budsday, 25 Vernuz

Earned 40 / Spent 5

Savings 18,578

~          ~          ~          ~          ~         

I went to the library to check the medical tomes.  I had to pass through a corner of the Den to get to it, where it sits in a glade set deep within the denser jungle.  The freaks of the Den ogled me as I ran between the stilts of the elevated shakes, dipping in and out of the shadows cast by the ramshackle walkways. 

Sometimes I wonder whether I’ll join them one time soon: these poor souls whose person Displacement to Terrene meant total madness, and disassociation from everything we call civilized or sensible.

The library smelled of dusty paper and rot.  You get used to it after a while, but the only other time I came I lingered too long in the stacks, and came out with a weird respiratory anomaly that wouldn’t let up for weeks.  Finally I hacked up a clump of dark, wet fungus.

I flicked through the books until the sun slanted through the mouldy skylight rather than the east-facing windows.  This was for evidence of foreign disease, which I’ll need to be on the look out for once Foist and I leave.  The illustrations in the journals and tomes are sickening livid: Bursting Encephalitis, the Purple Pin plague, thyphilious transmogrification sickness, and other freakish contractions known to the Jade Reefs and nearby regions. 

The locals are immune to some of these – The crabpeople of the reefs are genetically proofed against stinging roids and leaping sun spurs, for example – but they can be distressing, sometimes fatal, for travellers.

I made a list for the apothecary and steeled myself for jabs.  After months of the golden needle though I feel adequately prepared.

And I’ve noted the abatement of the thrashing drakeroot infestation, which now does not react when the Disc is in view, and do not miss chewing the root as my running slows.  Things have been easier – is this because I know that I’ll soon be gone?  Has it been my outlook that affected me so badly these last few months?

If I’ve done it to myself, then I can do the opposite.  With Foist, around the world, we can do anything.