I’d like to thank everybody for their support during the November Challenge.   I’ve had a lot of messages regarding one story or another, and some blog comments, and I’m overwhelmed at the response!

Although I came within one or two seconds of failing on certain nights (seriously) I did manage to upload a story a day for every day in November, no later than midnight.  A few facts and figures:


Stories Completed: 30

Stories Failed: 0

Shortest Story: Da Bomb at 1,039 words

Longest Story: Big Dog at 6,825 words

Total Number Words Written:  79,381

Favourite Few: Love is an Eye That Doesn’t See, Time Fears the Pyramids, Follow The Sun Underground, An Account of a Curious Encounter, Endless Bodies, Broken Bug


The stories will be available until 31st December, but not promised any later – a few might make the website permanently, but that’s not likely.  This is your last week to get your hands on them, free, before the New Year.

To help you choose which to ponder, here they are divided by genre, with word-lengths beside.  Enjoy!



A Quiver of Graves – Written November 1st: 2,000 words

The Fabulous Voyage of the Paper Lantern – Written November 7th: 1,259 words

The Glass-Handled Sword – Written November 10th: 2,569 words

Follow the Sun Underground – Written November 13th: 2,524 words

The Woman Who Couldn’t Remember Lightning – Written November 14th: 2,128 words

Telling Signs – Written November 15th: 2,242 words

Her Majesty’s Agent – Written November 18th: 3,157 words

Da Bomb – Written November 19th: 1,039 words

The Word for Wizard is Woman – Written November 21st: 1,194 words

Through the Brittle Grass – Written November 23rd: 1,714 words

Sudoku: The Movie – Written November 28th: 1,321 words

One in a Million – Written November 29th: 1,100 words



Amelia Amongst Machines – Written November 3rd: 4,742 words

Big Dog – Written November 4th: 6,825 words

Exposure – Written November 11th: 1,629 words

An Account of a Curious Encounter – Written November 16th: 4,448 words

The Endless Bodies – Written November 22nd: 2,040words



Love is an Eye That Doesn’t See – Written November 2nd: 3,560 words

To Fly Away and Never Come Down Again – Written November 5th: 3,834 words

Kashcei and the Firebird, At Peace – Written November 6th: 1,651 words

Time Fears the Pyramids – Written November 8th: 5,643 words

Upon the Hill – Written November 9th: 3,862 words

Living With Monsters – Written November 12th: 2,301 words

The Cave of Wonders – Written November 17th: 2,885 words

Moon’s Djinni – Written November 20th: 2,381 words

Mountains Won’t Move – Written November 24th: 2,370 words

A Dream Did Weave a Shade – Written November 25th: 2,339 words

Matryoshka Man – Written November 26th: 2,841 words

Raphael – Written November 27th: 1,659 words

Broken Bug – Written November 30th: 4,188 words