A story a day, for thirty days


30 days, 30 short stories – I did it!  November has been a month of trials, not least massive snowstorms today and yesterday that have cut shorter my usually short window of time between getting home from work and going to bed.

A minimum of a thousand words a day, each story different, has been a real challenge.  Yet somehow I’ve managed to accomplish what I thought I never would, and achieved my own wild goal.

Today’s story – the thirtieth and final story for a little while! – is a little special.  I can’t take credit for the main character, Ginko, or for the tiny invisible creatures of which he is master: mushi.  These are the invention of Yuki Urushibara, whose books you should read.  And although I usually balk at fan fiction, of which this is basically an example, I thought that this month would be the opportunity to pay my tribute to a fantastic set of books (which in turn was made into a fantastic television series).

I urge you to read the source material, and hope you enjoy my tribute to this incredible world.

“Broken Bug” is a tale of Mushishi.

[Edit:  Sorry, you are too late to read this story.  Some stories may be retained on the website.  Some e-mail requests for copies of the stories are being granted (]

For the .pdf copy of the story above you can read online (you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader) or download to your PC, laptop or e-book.

The website is up to date now with all thirty storys – Go to Stories and then follow the November Challenge link for the full list.  Now that it’s nearly December I may start taking down the ones I’m not fully pleased with to save myself some embarassment.  Those that make the cull will be available for a while longer but no later than 30th December 2010.

I really would love to hear your thoughts on any of the stories either on this blog, or via the website’s forum.  I’ve been creative and want your creative input.

Enjoy, and thanks for all your support this long, long month – without your interest and encouragement I would have given up weeks ago.  Thankyou for helping me keep my promise, and best wishes to you all in this chilly season.

— db