A story a day, for thirty days


Today’s story complete, dear God they’re getting harder to write now!  I’m drying up.  This is it.  After today, two more stories to write.  The last hurdle approaches.


Okay, here’s today’s:

[Edit:  Sorry, you are too late to read this story.  Some stories may be retained on the website.  Some e-mail requests for copies of the stories are being granted (]

It’s a preview of a film, believe it or not.  I received a DVD copy in the post yesterday and watched it last night.  Consider this a story for the purposes of this challenge.

The website proper is still up to date.  For the .pdf copy of the story above you can read online (you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader) or download to your PC, laptop or e-book.

The stories will remain available for a minimum of 30 days but no later than 30th December 2010.  I would love to hear your thoughts on any of the stories either on this blog, or via the website’s forum.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading,