A story a day, for thirty days



And so on the 27th day, after 27 stories, the ideas begin to dry up!  I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

And yet, something came to me this morning, I don’t know how.  I spent an hour looking for inspiration online, just some line of a poem, or a piece of concept art, or something in the news or a historical fact from November 27ths past…

I do not know what the inspiration was for this story.  But it occured to me that as the legends are built up over time, some ‘factual’ from the original Book, but most fictional accounts by writers wanting to explore these rich stories, there is a little gap that we haven’t covered yet, between the moment God chose to cast Lucifer from Heaven, and the instant of the deed being done.

Who had the job of cutting off Satan’s wings?

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