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Today’s story, posted in a rush:

[Edit:  Sorry, you are too late to read this story.  Some stories may be retained on the website.  Some e-mail requests for copies of the stories are being granted (]

Edit 21/11/2010, 22:00: Isn’t like complicated?  Answer: No, not really.  But it does get in the way a lot.  I’m pleased to say that life’ s been getting in the way a fair bit recently, and I love it!  Unfortunately it does make for a few extra-short pieces of writing, with no time left afterwards for editing.  “Moon’s Djinni” is one of those casualties – I’d hoped it would be twice as long.  But hey.

Thanks to Lisa, who spurred me to write this after “The Cave of Wonders”, and to her sister Nikki, who has rather good taste when it comes to naming elephants.

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Enjoy, and thanks for reading,