A story a day, for thirty days


I find myself inventing a whole steampunk work of post-Victoriana in this story!  What was meant to be a modern piece set in 2002 following the beaching of several Beaked Whales in Fuerte Venturas (it really happened) has turned into a thrifty bit of light Jules Verne-style adventure.  There may even be more adventures for the certifiable Professor Arnustace – let me know!

[Edit:  Sorry, you are too late to read this story.  Some stories may be retained on the website.  Some e-mail requests for copies of the stories are being granted (]

I’m happy to confirm that the website remains up to date with all the stories so far, so that you can read online if you pefer.  For the .pdf copy of the story above you can read online (you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader) or download to your PC, laptop or e-book.

The stories will remain available for a minimum of 30 days but no later than 30th December 2010.  I would love to hear your thoughts on any of the stories either on this blog, or via the website’s forum.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading,