A story a day, for thirty days


23:21.  Finished.  Probably full of typos.  I don’t care.  Fuelled by sausage casserole and JD and coke.  Tired.

Might make no sense.  May well end too abruptly.  Long story, longer than the others.

The ending was a surprise.  This morning it was a concept on a slip of paper.  This lunchtime I had characters, storylines.  This evening I had two-thirds of a story and no ending.  It was a long time coming to me like some kind of story blockage.

Now I have heavy eyelids and a numb face.

Night-night, rail at me in the morning.

The .pdf is here to view, or download to your PC or e-book reader (you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader).

[Edit:  Sorry, you are too late to read this story.  Some stories may be retained on the website.  Some e-mail requests for copies of the stories are being granted (]

The stories will remain available for a minimum of 30 days but no later than 30th December 2010.  I would love to hear your thoughts on any of the stories either on this blog, or via the website’s forum.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading,